Ku Worldwide

Publishing M&A and

Business Development Advisor

Kuo-Yu Liang 梁國瑜 (he/him)

Provide advice on mergers, acquisitions, divestments, partnerships, strategy and business development.

Who is Ku:

  • Advised companies from Abu Dhabi, Canada, Italy, Korea, Sharjah and the US.

  • Focus on anime, audiobook, book, collectibles, comics, distribution, events, games, graphic novel, manga and webcomics.

  • Launched Diamond Book Distributors to sell books, collectibles, games, graphic novels & manga in 71 countries.

  • At Random House acquired Star Wars, Halo, Philip Pullman, Doctor Who, Peanuts, Major League Baseball, R.A. Salvatore and Greg Bear.

  • Worked on the global events portfolio at ReedPOP including New York Comic Con, Comic Con Africa, Comic Con Seoul, MCM London and BookExpo.

  • Serving on the Book Industry Charitable Foundation board supporting book & comic store employees. Also serving on the advisory boards of Shelf Awareness, Big Bad Wolf Sharjah, GeekGirlCon and Reading With Pictures.

  • Served on advisory boards for Bertelsmann, Lucasfilm Licensing, and ReedPOP Global Strategy Group.

  • Have been interviewed by CNN, Project Anime, Publishers Weekly and Wall Street Journal.

  • Have been a speaker at New York Comic Con, Int'l Game Developers Association, Anime Expo Lite, Writer Fest Nashville, Bologna Children's Book Fair and World Webtoon Forum.

  • Have worked in a bookstore, sold video games, led an ebook team. Have done business in Australia, England, Japan, Singapore and South Africa.. Ku has seen the elephant.

Contact me: ku@kuworldwide.com

What I do

Mergers & Acquisitions

Help clients sell whole companies, shares, divisions, or selected assets.


Advise companies on strategy, partnerships and joint ventures.

Business Development

Help companies expand into new products and markets and talent recruiting.

"A part of good science is to see what everyone else can see but think what no one else has ever said" Amos Tversky

''I can think of nothing that an audience won't understand. The only problem is to interest them'' - Orson Welles

Business Development Leadership panel for the International Game Developers Association

Watch me on the International Game Developers Association leadership in business development panel, and interviewed by CNN about the 2018 Comic Con Africa launch.

I speak to comic book lawyer Gamal Hennessy about understanding your rights as a creator as part of Project Anime.

Current and Past Clients

  • ALO | Book Industry Charitable Foundation | Clover Press | Devil's Due | Elcograf | Erasmus Fox | Fair Square Comics | Fan Expo | Forgotten Runes Wizards Cult | Geek Girl Con | Girl Friday | KOTRA (The Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency | Leftfield Media | Lyte | Post Hill Press | Premier Collectibles | RB Media | Reading With Pictures | Sandstorm Studio | Seven Seas Entertainment | Sharjah Book Authority | Shelf Awareness | Simon & Schuster Client Service | The Story Division

News & Schedule

  • Ku will attend Sharjah Children Reading Festival, Sharjah Booksellers Conference, Licensing Expo, Anime Expo, Emerald City Comic Con, Frankfurt Book Fair, New York Comic Con.

  • Ku was named as an advisor to Sandstorm, Abu Dhabi's new comic book studio in March, 2022.

  • Ku was a guest on the Future of Digital Manga panel at SaturdayCon in January, 2022.

  • Ku was a guest on the Saturday FM podcast in December, 2021.

  • Ku spoke at WriterFest Nashville in November, 2021.

  • Ku has been named to the board of directors at Book Industry Charitable Foundation , GeekGirl Con and Reading With Pictures.

  • Ku was a speaker at Beyond Games 2021, The World Webtoon Forum 2020, The IGDA business development leadership panel 2021, Anime Expo Lite 2021 (as moderator) and Kids Comics Insider 2021.

  • Ku have been interviewed by CNN, Reuters, Comic Con India Geekly, ICV2, Publishers Weekly and Wall Street Journal.

  • Ku recently attended SakuraCon and Middle East Film & Comic Con.

Press & Publications:

  • Comment in Project Anime on 2022 anime & manga industry predictions (January, 2022)

  • Comment in Publishers Weekly about the return of New York Comic Con (October, 2021)

  • Comment in Project Anime about the Crunchyroll-Funimation unified anime subscription experience (September, 2021)

  • Interviewed by Publishers Weekly about the return of in-person comic cons (July, 2021)

  • Interviewed by Publisher Weekly podcast about Marvel and Penguin Random House entering the comics business together. (April, 2021)

  • Co-wrote an Op-Ed in Project Anime about the future of pop culture conventions after Covid. (March, 2021)

  • Written the 2021 Library Journal annual graphic novel & manga preview. (April, 2021)

  • Interviewed by journalist Rob Salkowitz about Marvel going to Penguin Random House for comic stores distribution. (March, 2021)

''Kuo-Yu is perhaps the most connected, respected, and strategic thinker I've ever met in the pop culture space. He knows and appreciates how the markets operate at a global level, and can piece it all together with a perspective that is unrivaled.

Most importantly though he truly, genuinely cares about people that work in this industry and wants folks to succeed, and will move mountains to help others.''

– Guy ''Yug'' Blomberg, Founder, Game Industry Gathering